B2B Lead Capture and Mailing List Solution

The deployment of a data scraper bot (automated software robot) is a cost effective way to source sales leads to create a clean mailing list for direct mail through the postal system and email marketing campaigns.

A bot is a piece of custom software that we build in house at Gtec Media it is intelligent, diligent and very methodical its behaviour is a clone of an experienced police sniffer dog.

A Police dog trainer will spend years training a dog to search for contraband, it takes us 1-2 weeks to design and program a cutting edge bot for data scraping. The completed bot will search the internet or a specific website for databases that contain stored contact details of people or businesses that match a demographic criteria which has been supplied by our client. On finding the target contact details the bot will grab it, store it and then continue to search for more sales leads before it heads back home to its master.

During a typical lead generation campaign, it will take a data scraper bot 7-14 days to source and collate 100’s to 1000’s of unique sets of B2B contact records, the quantity is dependent on the availability of data based on the demographic criteria given to us by the client.

Delivery Format
The completed mailing list containing unique leads is presented to the client in the form of a spreadsheet which will be formatted as one record per one row. Each record will contain all of the elements of contact information the client requested when placing the initial order.

*Data Protection Laws
After supplying you with the data it is your legal responsibility to adhere to current Data Protection Laws when using the data.