PPC Marketing

Whether the objective is to increase product or brand marketing pay per click (PPC) is the most effective online marketing tool to deliver instant results and when implemented and managed correctly a PPC campaign will yield exceptional ROI.

Gtec Media marketing agency provides pay per click campaign development and management on all of the main search engine and social media platforms:

Google Ads
Bing and Yahoo

Crucial to the success of every campaign is the extensive keyword research work that we undertake prior to building the ad groups. At first sight it is very easy to believe that the most expensive keyword is the correct keyword however, by drilling down deep into the research data and analysing the target consumers behaviour pattern we very often find that the expensive keyword will not yield the best return on investment and it is the secondary “less expensive” keywords that pack a bigger ROI.

The PPC marketing environment changes every hour of day and requires us to be constantly monitoring the clients website analytics to measure the performance and effectiveness of each keyword in the campaign. By continuously tweaking the pay per click campaign on the fly based on the disseminated analytics results a higher ROI can be achieved for our clients.

PPC Campaign Management Tasks
Keyword research and testing
Campaign set up
Remarketing policies
Analytics set up/integration
Define multiple ad groups
Ads creation
Daily performance monitoring and analysis
Negative keyword identification
Continuous keywords & ads format tweaking

One time set up fee £500.00
Agency fee 15-18% of monthly ads spend.
*If the ads spend is less than £6,000 a £1,140 fixed agency fee is applied.

Not to be overlooked successful PPC marketing requires a well thought out landing page. As part of the preparation work we evaluate and where necessary make changes to the target landing page. Ensuring that when visitors arrive on the page they immediately see the product/service that they expected to see is crucial to the ads Google quality score and the overall success of the online marketing campaign.