Managed Email Marketing Campaigns

Mention email marketing and most people think of “spam” unfortunately this is often where many emails end up if a campaign is not well planned and executed professionally. At Gtec Media we have many years of experience in designing, broadcasting and managing successful email campaigns on behalf of our clients and at all times delivering an exceptional ROI.

What we can do for you
We provide a managed B2B email marketing campaign service this, means that you tell us the type of businesses you want to target and the geographical area the campaign should cover then, just sit back and let us do all the work for you.

Email campaign workflow
Step 1
Consultation with client to ascertain target businesses and campaign objectives

Step 2
Construct a double opt-in email list

Step 3
Cleanse email list

Step 4
Client approves list count (quality and quantity of email addresses in list)

Step 5
Help client choose the best landing page on their company website (the page the mail recipients will be redirected to when they click a link in the email)

Step 6
Design concept HTML email flyers

Step 7
Client approves one of three flyer concepts

Step 8
Create custom url (facilitates tracking of visitors who click links in the email)

Step 9
HTML email testing (check that the email displays correctly on all computer and mobile devices)

Step 10
Set up non opened email resend rules, recipient engagement tracking and campaign reporting parameters

Step 11
Broadcast emails (send emails to all target businesses on the mailing list)

Step 12
Monitor and analyse recipient engagement with email flyer

Step 13
Compile and send campaign performance reports to client