SEO Website Marketing

At Gtec Media we provide search engine optimisation (SEO) services for clients in all business sectors this includes both B2B and B2C companies.

What is SEO?
In a nutshell it is the digital marketing practice used to boost a websites position in the search engine results pages i.e. your “Google Ranking”. The objective of SEO is to make the a website rank on page one of Google for specific keywords that potential new customers will use when carrying out searches on Google.

SEO is a very cost effective way to increase traffic to a website but it is not an exact science because the main search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo are constantly changing their secret algorithms which decide the ranking positions of websites for specific keywords in their search results making the SEO strategy that worked today obsolete tomorrow!

At Gtec Media we take a progressive approach to SEO, continuous analysis of historical and real time data enables us to develop online marketing strategies which can react at speed to the algorithm changes of Google. To ensure that our clients websites achieve their goals we develop SEO strategies that contain flexible modules which can react to sudden changes within the search environment if, the algorithm change is so big that it makes a specific module obsolete we remove it from the campaign and replace it with a new updated module.

In today’s “post brexit” market place along with the uncertainty of Covid 19 having a digital marketing service that can deliver a steady stream of new customers is of the up most importance for businesses in all commercial sectors and that’s why deploying a good SEO strategy makes perfect sense for companies that want new customers.

We use cutting edge SEO tactics that will deliver fast exceptional results and greatly improve your websites Google ranking without incurring any penalties from Google. Our UK based in house SEO team are experienced technicians who know what they are doing.

We offer all clients total flexibility with a pay as you go agreement, billing is monthly in advance. A typical B2B or B2C SEO package inclusive of link building cost from £750 up to £2650 per month.

*Prices quoted are not inclusive of VAT