Who We Are

We are a small collective of UK based online marketing contractors each with over 10 years industry experience. Our individual skill sets enables us to offer clients expertise in SEO, PPC, social media marketing, promotional video creation and distribution, email marketing, lead capture & mailing list procurement, copywriting and direct mail campaigns.

Our team are the anonymous contractors who do the specialist work behind the scenes as freelancers at many large marketing agencies that’s, why we have formed Gtec Media to enable prospective clients the ability to reduce their marketing costs by removing the middle man and dealing directly with the people who do the work.

A team of disciplined IT geeks who will always find order where there is chaos. We believe in total accountability and oversight from start to finish in every project we undertake and crucially performance monitoring, analysis and evaluation throughout the workflow is a standard operational procedure for us.

For small and medium size companies looking for a professional and affordable outsource online marketing solution that can deliver results Gtec Media is the perfect fit.